Mar. 16, 2014

The Obstinate Daughter opens this week

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 2.35.33 PM

It’s taken them a long time, but Jacques Larson and Doug Godley, the team behind Wild Olive, have completely transformed the old Atlanticville on Sullivan’s Island into a modern, nautical restaurant that seems perfectly suited for the beach.

If you remember Atlanticville, it was a bit ramshackle with a side porch and an interior broken up into dark rooms, but it was also popular for a long time, drawing diners all the way from downtown for its casual brunches and Thai Tuesdays. Hold on to those memories, because you won’t recognize the place that it’s become. The Obstinate Daughter is set to open later this week (check Open Table on Wednesday), and we got a sneak peek of the eye-popping renovation.

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